Saturday, February 11, 2012

We Love Our Dogs

Can't be a Rancher without some good dogs! They say dogs are a man's best friend! There is no room for disagreement there. We've ACED on picking out some pretty fabulous cow dogs and we LOVE having them around, maybe a little too much. Skudder-butt (her knew acquired name because her bottom bounces while she runs) occasionally stops, midstream sprinting mode, to chase her tail, which is full of burrs! Quite hilarious. We've discovered Marley isn't only a hero everyday as she herds the cows, but is extra-sensitive and gets upset when her best friend, Ty, leaves her by herself. She's never happy the next day. Skudder-butt willingly ignores Ty, every so often, and Marley willingly ignores me, every so often. They've picked their favorites and I have no problem teaming up with Skudder-butt. I shake my head as I write this - we need a little person. 

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