Saturday, August 18, 2012

29 Weeks

Has it already been six and a half months? All I ever heard about pregnancy was how dreadful and long, uncomfortable and horrid it was. I feel blessed! This pregnancy journey has been quite the opposite and I have no idea where the time has gone! Tyler and I can't believe in 11 or so weeks we'll be welcoming a new little one - a lot of emotions come a long with this moment we have yet to experience.

I've definitely had to dig myself out of a few "expected" pregnancy symptoms. You read the typical baby app's which explain to you what you need to expect each trimester. I didn't want to believe that pregnancy had to be so miserable for the majority of women. So, Tyler and I set out to see if we could make a difference. We've read several books on energy healing and emotions and learned that most pregnancy symptoms come because the mother is not connected to the baby and all that is formed during pregnancy, vice-versa. With some energy healing I have been able to stay connected to the baby and have felt great! I started out my first four weeks feeling like most; throwing up, sick, dizzy. Once we decided to give this a try, I have never felt better. I also sleep with a grounding sheet which helps rid my body of any negative energies or toxins causing illness, sore muscles, etc. We've learned that our bodies are full of emotions that are trapped. When we learn to release these emotions we are allowing our bodies to heal and perform the way God intended them to. I couldn't be more grateful for having gained such valuable knowledge! I know it has made such a difference for me during my pregnancy and has also helped in the development of our little girl. We're also thankful for our good friend, Dr. Joe Kepo'o, who is a Chiropractor in Spanish Fork, Utah, also specializing in NAET (energy healing). He does phone appointments and has been great to work with Tyler and I through e-mail and over the phone. An amazing man!

Book References: The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson
                             The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd

Although I've been sleeping well, feeling great and still managing to get in some exercise every day, let me remind you.... Week 29 comes with a package. As do all the other weeks.

I can't tie my shoes! It has become so difficult. So, I've stuck with flip flops or slip on shoes just about every day. I've given up on painting my toes and you'd think it's because I can't reach or bend my legs to get to my toes, but I actually am out of breath after trying for a few minutes. I can't sing an entire line of a song now without having to take at least two breaths. So weird. I mentioned I workout every day, well, it's a workout in my book. I can't run longer then a 1/2 mile now without my legs and feet going numb and massive urges to pee. Bummer. So I mostly take brisk walks and come back and do some yoga, which presents another challenge. Having to alter almost every yoga position, I feel most of my yoga workouts end up consisting of how to maneuver around my belly. And it's hard!! I break a sweat and I'm good with that. I haven't been able to conquer my constant leg cramps, even with a few days break from exercise. I imagine my calf's have massive knots running all the way down to my feet, which in turn have knots all the way to my toes. How do you get rid of a toe cramp? Explain that one to me. Believe me, I've definitely been double dousing the bananas, magnesium, and calcium. And yes, I'm now feeling the effects of an ever growing baby who decides whenever she wants to wobble around right under my ribs or bounce up and down right on my bladder. She doesn't kick much, other then hiccups (if you call this kicking). She sort of tumbles around. My clothes are definitely uncomfortable and it's hard to feel pretty when you're gaining weight and looking so large!!

I've loved being pregnant, even when it limits me on what I'm able to do. With my decision to have a medicated free, home water birth, I'm excited for the opportunity to give life and more excited and anxious to see the power of my spirit, body, and mind as my body works to perform what it was created to do.


  1. Best of luck - I am def not as strong as you when it comes to pain lol! I can't believe we are so close too, how fun. Really... we need a swimmer reunion with all of us that are prego!

  2. Pregnancy is indeed a blessing. A gift from heaven that we should not be complaining about. You look great and it's obvious and that you are going through an exciting phase in your life that neither back pains nor kicking and bumping in your tummy have lessened your happiness. Best of luck and may God guide you on your delivery.