Saturday, August 11, 2012

Midwest Road Trip

The last weekend in July Tyler called me at work on Friday and said, "We're packing our bags and heading out to Missouri for a few days." It was definitely spontaneous and I was excited to get away for a while! With only a three hour drive,  speeding half the way there due to our prolonged departure, we were able to make it to a temple session in the new Kansas City Missouri Temple and spend some time with his cousin Jen and her family.

Tyler was a trooper and followed me around to all the stores I wanted to go to (we were finally in the city) and he loved stopping at all the delicious restaurants and ice cream shops we've been craving to get our hands on, i.e. Costa Vida, Brazillian food, Orange Leaf, etc.

We had a great time, endured the midwestern heat, cursed our car for its horrid gas mileage, and probably gained a few pounds. We also learned sometimes spontaneous roadtrips can end up being the most expensive!! Oh well. We added it to our list of adventures here in the midwest.


  1. You guys are so fun!! Enjoy your time together as much as you can. Things will changes once that baby comes. Not that it will be a bad thing, having kids brings so much joy, it's just that sometimes you miss those times you can just be alone :)

  2. Do you realize you visited where I grew up? I drove over the bridge everyday on the way to swim practice growing up :-) Hope you had a blast and the humidity was kind to you!

  3. Glad that yo got away from the farm. Very important to do that from time to time. Is it cooler down in OK? Ty looks hot!

  4. i love this! You guys are great!!!