Friday, November 9, 2012

40 Weeks and Chillin'

The title pretty much sums it up! We're still hanging out, staying busy, and "patiently" waiting for our little girl to arrive. I wanted to take some cute pictures of me at 40 weeks, but threw that out the window wondering why I ever thought pregnant women look cute at 40 weeks!! That's when people stare and say, "Gosh, that ladies gonna pop any day now!" I didn't realize how big I looked until Tyler took this picture. Wow.  Pretty much, that's how I feel.... So, here's the last picture before she arrives. When that moment is going to happen? I have no clue. We joke we'll still be hanging out in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. I don't think we can cross our fingers anymore - after quadruply crossing them there isn't much room left!! Here's to 40 weeks. The final episode will soon be at our doorstep. SOON.

Tyler has had these Damascus steel knives on his vision board for about a year now! Finally, he was able to find some nice Damascus steel and make his knives with his warthog tusks. He's pretty excited about it.. although you probably can't tell. I promise he is! He feels pretty "Bad A." I am excited for him. He did a great job and they look really nice :) This is how he keeps his mind off of baby not here yet (he encourages her to come much more often than I). I have to add... Men, be jealous of these knives. They are pretty wicked awesome!


  1. haha I love his face. You don't look big at all. Also, I want one of those knives. They look deadly.

  2. You totally still look cute! I'm excited for your birth, your gonna do great! The only part I thought was really bad was at the very end and I was ready to push! Just remember that:)