Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter

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There are definitely pros and cons to living far away from family during the holidays. Easter falls in the "cons" category. Although it's simply Tyler and I with a 4 month old who doesn't quite get the excitement that comes with Easter or understand the reason why we celebrate, I wanted to be festive anyway! I went along with my cooking intuition (if there's such a thing) and worked up my own recipe. I used french vanilla for my cake batter, placed a cadbury caramel egg in the center, cooked them up, whipped up some buttercream frosting with chocolate chips and topped it off with cadbury eggs!! Talk about a calorie counter!! We ended up giving half of them away (we're working on changing our eating lifestyle. So, only one each). Here's to Easter... Eggs....Candy...Baskets.. Bunnies...and Jesus.

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