Monday, March 3, 2014

A Mommy's Note

Although still new to the motherhood adventure, I love being a Mom. It's honestly one of the hardest, but most rewarding challenges that I love about my life. I have to be honest, it wasn't the easiest for me to put aside my own dreams and hobbies. Those first few months, real eye awakening for some of us new Mom's, I really struggled. I couldn't believe the amount of attention one small little being needed (I don't want to imagine having more than one at a time! Hats off to you supermoms).  Coming from a family of ten I had my share of changing diapers, burping babies, and entertaining small children. I thought I completely understood how it all worked! Only to find myself drowning in two months of tears and frustration from lack of sleep.  You know what I mean.
"Stay at home Mom" is what I write on the occupation line. Okay, that's what I've always wanted. But, for some reason I thought I'd still be able to do my own thing and continue on with all the time in the world to chase dreams and try out new stuff, with nobody bothering me. Errr, wrong. Seriously, I've learned a little about the beauty of self-LESS-ness. Now, 15 1/2 months later, I've worked out the kinks (I think?) and understand how important it is for a mother to spend quality time with her child/children. 
This used to be me, "Ugh, Aviana get out of the kitchen I'm trying to clean up, do the dishes, make lunch, etc., etc., etc." 
Now? and believe me, it took a while to click. Even after reading all those worthwhile parenting books, "Aviana, do you want to help Mom make a sandwich? Do the dishes, sweep the floor, change the laundry (which she LOVES), etc, etc.?"

.takes longer and much more patience.

BUT, Mom is no longer frustrated and baby is no longer sad! Do we realize how much we can learn from spending time with our children? To spend quality time I had to learn to spend my ordinary time with her; allowing her to learn and create along with me. We're developing a relationship where trust and love are the center. I have learned to understand her strengths and weaknesses, as well as my own. You don't need to make spending time with your child an exhausting or overwhelming process. There is no need to make it expensive or irrational. Simply do what needs to be done, our lists as Mom's never end, and allow them to do it with you! I needed to forget myself, hang up my list of "dreams" and allow the mommy-ness to take over. Learning to incorporate her into my daily routine was just the ticket! Aviana is going to be an excellent Yogi. 

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