Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Perfect Vacation

    Is it too early to share my favorite moments from 2014?! April was definitely the highlight so far. I flew home - home away from home - to Utah. Just me and little "nina" (Aviana), and we had a BLAST! Not only did we get to stay at Papa and Tutu's farm, ultimate plus for the both of us, but I was able to hang out with my many numbered siblings and their fantastic spouses, catch up with great friends, in-laws and extended family! The timing was ultimate perfection and the weather was absolutely wonderful, a perfect break from the heat.  I even loved landing on the runway in SLC and looking out at the snow, although I froze and quickly realized how fast my body had adapted to my new tropical niche. I was so happy to be there and especially excited to see Aviana play with all her cousins, aunties and uncles. 

I have such beautiful sisters!

 Fun picture day with the Westhoff's at Wheeler Farms..

Bowling with the family... always entertaining!!

     I'm in love with where my parents live. It's gorgeous! I missed the mountains and all the fun farm animals. We enjoyed playing with baby kitties, puppies, chickens, cows, dogs, cats, 4-wheelers, balls, wagons, skateboards, and big sandboxes! Papa and Tutu have a fun playground too that Aviana spent a lot of her time on. She had a lot of room to explore, loved picking flowers and putting them "in" her ear, as opposed to "behind"where they usually go. Hilarious. She spent a large portion of each day playing outside and didn't mind the weird Utah weather with 70 degrees one day and the next was literally 40. She still wanted to go outside. She quickly picked up on the pecking order habits of younger children and began making claim to certain objects, pushing younger cousins around.... as a mother of a first I was completely shocked and felt like I had raised a mean little girl...haha. Completely normal behavior I had to learn to discipline. New grounds. We're not used to lots of kids around! (time for #2? not an announcement. maybe a consideration). I have to say I hardly saw her compared to the amount of time we usually spend together each day. 

My parents have such a great place! We are constantly entertained. 

Aren't these blossoms gorgeous?! I love Utah in the Spring.  

    Easter was excellent. Of course she had no clue what was going on, but still managed to find eggs, while failing to understand the concept of finding as many as you can and THEN stop and eat what's inside. She ate one egg then continued on to the next. Funny girl. I loved spending time with family this Easter.. haven't since I was married. It felt great to be back in full swing of fun family traditions and outrageous adult scavenger hunts that leave you hunting till dark. Truth. The Roberts know how to party and we always have a loud, very loud, fun time. 

Almost all the cousins together!! So fun
Left to Right: 
Kenna, Dash, Aviana, Jason, Tate, Talon, Olivia, Laylah, Kalel, Kaia & Ellie... missing Ruby

Rides with Auntie Kanani and Uncle Ryan (a.k.a. Auntie and Uncle Awesome)

     I was able to do some shopping, drive on STRAIGHT roads (lots of cheering when that happened), tried to manage my alligator skin... wow  it's dry in Utah, and get a lot of crafting done. We visited the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork and drove to Thanksgiving Pointe to explore the Tulip Festival! What a wonderful time! 

 Thanksgiving Pointe was absolutely stunning! I found myself wishing it was my backyard the entire time. There is so much room for imagination and exploring. The children loved it! And so did all the mommies :) 

  I'm so thankful I was able to go!! Aviana and I had a great time. She's in remorse right now (maybe I am a little, but Hawaii is pretty awesome too) and constantly calling everybody's names we left behind in Utah, but we'll be back again soon!

Love my baby sis... she's the greatest. Miss her tons all the time. 

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  1. Aviana's eyes are so gorgeous! Looks like a fun time with family :)