Friday, November 25, 2011

As Of Late

I've been so focused on my food blog I haven't given it a second thought to update everybody on our "new" life out in Oklahoma. My bad. Assuming the apology has been accepted, I'll continue by informing you all we are doing well and enjoying the adventure, so far. The past month has brought tornadoes and three earthquakes, all of which have not been to my liking. It's not comforting to watch the walls in your home move from side to side. Very unnerving. Surviving the heightened moment (s), I now live with pricked ears, not sure if the wind is blowing, the mine is setting off charges, a train is coming, or there is another earthquake. The joy of sounds! And to add to it all, the owls seem to love hooting next to our bedroom window - where's the gun? - and the coyotes come within just a few feet of the house yelping in their high-pitched, disgusting tones and our "new" cat is beyond the cute meowing point, at our bedroom window. It's like he doesn't have any other friends. Seriously. For safety reasons, Ty has been teaching me how to shoot better and we now have four, fully loaded guns in just about every bedroom of the home - Bring it on bad guys!! 
(this will only last until some wee little ones join the crew)

I'm not complaining, really, it's just quite funny in reality. Still getting used to the rolling hills and absence of majestic mountains (isn't that why we all love the West?), but absolutely enjoying the horizon and sunsets/sunrise. They are beautiful. 
We had our Pre-Thanksgiving meal Wednesday night. I cooked up some Lil' Smokies, Stuffing, Honey Glazed Ham, Candied Yams, and a Green Bean Casserole. We were stuffed and Thursday we weren't able to eat hardly anything! I spent Thursday morning baking rolls from 7:00 am - 12:30 pm, thinking we'd have a large crowd for Thanksgiving, but ended up around 10 people and 96 Buttery Homemade Rolls. They were a hit, so it wasn't hard to encourage people to take bags full of rolls home. Thank Goodness.

We are learning a lot about life as we go through these adventures together. Three of the greatest lessons we have been implementing so far are to "Bloom Where You're Planted," "Be Better Every Day" and "Make The Best Out Of What You Have."
 Tyler has incredible mentors that help us progress in our marriage and in simple principles of life, really emphasizing on these three. It's been good for us - 

We're off to celebrate our 1st Anniversary this weekend in Oklahoma City!

Beautiful Fog Sunrise just outside our front door

We have the greatest dog - and she's cool and rides on the dirt bike with Ty. It's been pretty chilly in the mornings, 35° or so. Ty puts together what he has and takes off to work!

We've been working on our food storage, building small root cellars for our potatoes, onions, squash, beets & carrots.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. you're so pretty! LOVE your beautiful photos