Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Year Anniversary to us. It was a great weekend away in Oklahoma City. We enjoyed the LDS Temple, shopping at Stockyard City (the one time I see Tyler get excited about shopping, literally), eating at Zios & City Bites (good ol' BYU Swimming memories), and walking through Oklahoma City Memorial and Bricktown. Its been a good year and we still can't believe this time last year we were living out in South Africa. Time has really gone by fast and its been a really crazy adventure! But, we've learned along the way and have experienced a lot in this first year. I'm thankful for Tyler - He's wonderful! Love you honey.

Recent updates: It's December. Already. Wow that was fast. I got a job. Finally! I'm working at Oklahoma State Bank in Vinita. I also get to go home for a week before Christmas. I'm really excited to see Utah again along with family and friends. Too many fun times and great memories - I don't want to miss out this year! Utility bill was $100.00 lower than we anticipated/were told it was going to be - GREAT news! We aren't even sure how we did it, but we are glad. A lot of blessings lately - life is good.

Zio's - All I can say is mmmm delicious. I wish there were more Zio's Restaurants around this country.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Site

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