Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'll Be Home For Christmas

The title may not be 100% true, but I was able to fly home for eight days the week before Christmas! It was my biggest wish this year and the greatest present. Christmas was fun in Africa and I understood going home was not an option, but this year I had to make it happen, somehow! Thanks to Marc and Casey, my boss, and my AWESOME hubby, I was able to enjoy a very fun filled, Kamalu family weekend with cousin Lenora's wedding and family Christmas parties! It was great to be home and spend time with Mom, Dad and the siblings and all my nieces and nephews (9) and cousins (apparently I have around 48 on my Mom's side). It was a blast! I always look forward to being home. So glad I was able to go.

Salt Lake City LDS Temple - Beautiful!

Auntie Kehau, her beautiful daughter Lenora, and the family! Great to see the cousins from Laie.

Auntie Maile and Cousin Danielle (a.k.a Dano)

My sister and her husband Ryan, just married in September - they are perfect for each other if you can't tell! :)

Bride and Groom - Napa & Lenora

I have the greatest parents! A good friend of mine who lives in Russia bought this hat for my Dad and my Mom, I guess, wanted to match! They look great and look like their from Russia!

Niece Makenna - she is so adorable.


  1. I LOVE reading your blog. You have the coolest family around - so lucky they are my neighbors. We miss you tho. :)

  2. I'm glad you posted these pictures. haha now I know to NEVER part my hair like that ever agin. haha