Sunday, January 1, 2012

Visiting Utah II

I had to post a few more photos on my trip back home to visit during Christmas. I had so much fun and can't get over what a riot it is to spend time with my hilariously awesome family/cousins and enjoy all the wonderful things they love doing in their lives. 

The Arce Family challenged the Roberts Family to a Gingerbread House contest. Entries were put in at Macey's and we won the Arce challenge and took 2nd at Macey's. Mom, Tessa, and everybody else who put in some effort did a GREAT job! Isn't it incredible?

Can't get enough of these stinkers - let alone all of my nieces and nephews! I could spend a whole day playing with them all!

 Maile Olivia, Leylah, Kaia Bug, Ellie Bellie, and baby Makenna

We had some exciting nights back home on Mom and Dad's farm. Family Council, Kevin's b-day, Joshua's monologs, and Talon's crazy personality! 

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