Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcoming in the New Year

We had a wonderful Christmas, a relaxing New Years, and are very excited about the future - even with all the economic upsets across the globe and disastrous governmental situations in the US. Tyler scored major points this Christmas leaving me very impressed with his ability to shop for his wife and wrap gifts all by himself! Tyler's parents are out to visit for the next month and half and we welcomed in a new border collie puppy last week, Skudette or Skudbucket. Its been a pleasure having all three. Tyler and I are still busy with work, can't understand the weather in Oklahoma (feels like Spring), and have begun laying out our plans for our garden! I'm also thrilled about our piano and the save arrival of my guitar. Hurray! We've met many delightful people over the past few weeks and have adjusted well to our new place. 

We can't believe 2011 came and went so quickly and have many fond memories. With financial, personal, family, health, and business goals in place we're ready to take on 2012. We are soaring in education, learning many new and great things, and feel really blessed to have had so many wonderful opportunities in such a short amount of time, while we've been married.

Top 10 Memories of 2011

1. Living in South Africa & coming home
2. Smith Reunion & Kamalu Reunion
3. Mitch & Kevin come home from their missions
4. South African Braai
5. 50 Mile Mountain
6. Male Bonding
7. Kanani's Wedding
8. Summer BBQ's at the Farm - Roberts Ranch CSA
9. Getting our first dog, Marley
10. First Bee Hive and honey harvest
10. Moving to Oklahoma


  1. I love this Leilani! I hope everything is going great in Oklahoma!

  2. Such a cool life! I love that your dog rides the dirtbike :)