Monday, February 20, 2012

One Lucky Gal'

Don't get me wrong. I love Valentines Day! The month of love. 
Sweet Kisses and Darling Songs.
But, why can't everyday be filled with some sort of "valentine" favor?
Watch my favorite movie with me.
Make dinner.
Help with the dishes.
Hand picked flowers because you love me?
A box of chocolates simply to make me happy?
As we dipped our strawberries in our simplistic chocolate fountain, I thought about the good things Valentines Day has to offer, but also how silly it seems to feel obligated.

I'm one lucky gal'
Tyler does all of these things - even helps fold the laundry!
We love riding horses and relaxing in the grass.
Singing songs and laughing so hard we can hardly sing the next note.
Eating delicious southern BBQ every Friday night.
Enjoying the Old Western and Classy Hollywood classics.
Long walks on Sunday afternoons, watching our cows, the birds, our dogs, and talking of our dreams as the sun sets in the Midwest.

He makes a Valentines Day "obligation" part of his expressions all throughout the year!
Which is why I didn't ask for anything! We willingly enjoyed our beautiful ranch and cuddled up to a movie in our simple country home.

I can't think of anybody else I'd like to share my dreams with. Happy Valentines Day Hubby!

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