Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Life is a Novel

Okay, so life got the best of me. I'm sorry! We have been endlessly busy these past few months - or has it only been a few weeks? The thought of trying to catch up on everything was completely overwhelming to me, thus the lapse of blog posts. I threw it all together in a video - maybe some of ya'll will enjoy sitting back and watching snippets of our adventurous life out here in the Midwest.

Besides the endless tick checking - we hate ticks - fruit flies, goats eating all my plants, and a lawn that is turning into a forest along with our garden, we're doing really well! The weather couldn't be more pleasant, the dogs couldn't be more entertaining, and we absolutely love standing outside for a few moments in the evenings watching the lightening bugs flicker across the fields. Wow! Now that is a site everybody should see, especially out in the country. It's just like The Frog Princess and I like to imagine them skipping along the streams singing.

To give a brief narration.... let's hope it stays brief.

1. We went fishing..... once. It was fun. 

2. We went to the horses races and had quite a bit of learning to do as far as understanding how the whole horse racing process proceeds. We aren't the gambling type, so of course we were completely lost in that field, but we sure loved seeing it in real life and not in the movies!

3. I ran my first race this Spring across the Pensacola Dam!

4. Ty killed a beaver. It's not illegal to kill a beaver.

5. We thought we were going to be lucky and score on another amazing work dog. FALSE! Skud is only a water eating machine, literally. She will chase the hose all day long if she could, but ONLY if water is coming out. We have video here for proof! She is completely worthless, but a great family farm dog that makes us laugh. There is no way on the face of this earth she will ever attempt to chase a cow with this much enthusiasm. We've given up! We die laughing making her chase water and she face-pants it into any pond to catch anything and she can hardly swim she's so fat. When water is running and she can't be by it there is endless yelping and crying... is there a sport for swimming dogs?

*Video is better in full screen*

6. We had the pleasure of spending an evening with Ian and Pam Mitchell-Innes! So far it has been the highlight of our month. There was nothing more exciting for us then to have another feel for South Africa and share memories of our stay there with them. It was great to catch up and hear all the updates and listen to our favorite South African lingo! We attempted an "American" version of a South African Braai, on a REAL Braai, and cooked up a yummy meal for our guests. Although we don't drink, we sure miss the smell of wine.

7. We have a secret garden, due to the weeds. We're trying to keep up, but honestly how does that work when we both work? But, our veggies are there! And I'm happy to share the success of our chemical free, organic garden.

Mint, Beets, Basil, Rosemary, Parsley, and Lemon Balm. Just to show a few....

8.  Tyler celebrated his big 26th birthday on May 6th and our primary class sang to him. Unknown to me, I bought trick candles and we almost set off the fire alarms in church. The class has been good to keep it a secret. We weren't the greatest examples at that moment. No worries, we learned.

9. In two weeks I get to finally fly back home to Utah. I can't wait and am beyond excited to be back home with family and friends to celebrate my brother Kevin's marriage to Elsha Sanderson. It's going to be a wonderful two weeks.

I have the pleasure of pushing this outdated, old, lawn mower across our HUGE yard. It takes me three days to mow. I've finally given up on the front area... the backyard looks great!!

Where we relax when we have a few minutes to be with each other with our crazy schedules!!


  1. hahah I love the dog. I want him. Sounds like you guys have lots of fun out there. I wanna come out!

  2. It's hard to believe you have tomatoes on your plants when here we are still just barely planting the garden! Nice!

    Skud is hilarious!