Saturday, July 14, 2012


Amongst all the hustle and bustle to make this day a perfect day for Elsha Rae and Kevin, I was glad to be home and enjoy the simple things in life with family. Although the hubby wasn't able to come along this time (again), he's the greatest for letting me go home for 10 days this past June and I couldn't have pulled it off without Mom and Dad.

The wedding was beautiful, as was the weather, the farm, the mountains, the air, my friends and family. Welcome Elsha! Hopefully we aren't too overwhelming for you!! But, I'm excited to have another sister who will bring new interests and talents! Just think, one day there will be ten girls!! Wow. We will never be small in number :)

I've grown accustom to silence in our home with just two of us. It's hard for me to imagine a family of a smaller size! But, I felt right at home with all the little kiddies (nieces and nephews) running around begging for entertainment and fun and the unlimited list of things to get done, to do, and to enjoy!! Seems chaotic right? You wouldn't know unless you're from a large family. Oddly enough, life felt so simple. There were so many little things to enjoy - small smiles and laughter to the smallest butterfly or honey bee flying around the farm. Maybe I'm used to being around people all the time because my family is large in number (aka BIG). I find living in the secluded country wonderful and peaceful at times, but strangely I'm in need of a close neighbor and a busy schedule with lots of people to get stuff done.

I love that WE (as in my siblings) love to be home on the farm. It's our favorite place and always a lot of fun when everybody is there! Here's to a great week in Utah.


Isn't she beautiful?



  1. Mom is beautiful in that picture of all of us

  2. i concur. I always give you a pat on the back for helping her grow her hair out instead of trying to convince her to chop it like I was. She looks 10 years younger with it long.

  3. Family is so nice, to have around and to be around. The wedding looks like it was beautiful.