Monday, September 17, 2012

We Have Date Days

We had it easy. Most couples get married and spend a week away in bliss, only to come back to face the inevitable fact of going to work, meaning you don't see each other all day long and only a few hours every evening/morning. We were married and right away spent a year and a half together, nine months of it on our honey moon, every single day, pretty much ALL day long. The longest we were apart was when Tyler went up on 50 mile mountain - one week. So, you could say we're still adjusting to this "new" lifestyle of waking up early, getting ready for work and stuffing breakfast down our throats, saying our goodbye's, and waiting to see each other again in another 12-13 hours (Tyler fences till dark). 

Which takes me to this post! 
 We don't have date nights. We have DATE DAYS!!

We love the weekends and as often as we're feeling up to it we love to go out and about, if not, we stay home, watch movies, play games, and just simply BE with each other. It sure fills in the empty gaps throughout the week. Tyler was a prince this past weekend and took me down to the Tulsa Farmers Market - the one thing I have truly missed about Utah. I LOVED IT. I don't know what it is about Farmers Markets, but I love the crowds, I love meeting interesting people, I love hearing how they get their start and where they're from. There is always an endless amount of locally grown veggies (although, not all are organic, I'm 100% in favor of supporting locally grown food over food from California and Mexico) to chose from, and we learn so much from people selling their products. Homespun wool was Tyler's favorite. We had a great time and I stuffed my "save the trees" baggy as full as I could.

We want one of these someday. It was fascinating to watch her! She gets 25 pounds of wool from 3 sheep. Amazing!

Afterwards we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants, Mongolian Grill. We had a dilemma and couldn't chose between Panera Bread, Chipotle or Mongolian Grill. They were all right next to each other! Sometimes it's a curse to like food so much - it would make restaurant choosing so much more simple. Lunch was great, we did some car shopping (yes we are trying to find a more economical car that doesn't destroy our bank account my devouring so much gas... did I mention it's $3.69 a gallon here?), and Tyler was again a sweetheart and let me stop in at Hobby Lobby, Target, and Bath and Body Works. Of course, I didn't walk away with clothing I desperately need, I walked away with crafts and yummy smelliness. Priorities.

To finish off the night Tyler AGAIN insisted I go and get a pedicure and manicure. I felt awful leaving him to go around town finding stuff to do while he waited, but he seriously wouldn't let me get out of it, so I went and LOVED it. I love having a man that let's me get pampered, especially while pregnant. We stopped at the Rogers County Fair in Claremore and watched some 4-H competition and meandered around the booths and looked at thousands of large, corn-stuffed pigs, chickens and a turkey that gobbled at me and about scared me half to death. If it wasn't for this prego woman and her motion sickness we would have stopped at the Carnival as well.  

From our start at 8:00AM to our arrival home that night at 9:30PM....we were pooped.

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  1. Fun! Tyler props to you. Ryan HATES all that stuff I swear. Leilani, you are quite a lovely pregnant lady :)