Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year

Yes, we're already halfway through the month of January and I'm just now getting the chance to update. I'm telling you, life with a newborn completely zaps your energy and the time you used to have to enjoy any sort of hobby. So, while she wonderfully sits and watches baby einstein, I hope to sneak in a few pics and let everyone know the latest.

Christmas was wonderful and we absolutely enjoyed our time in Utah catching up with family and close friends before we headed out to Wyoming. We miss the warmer snowy weather - learning to cope with negative degree temperatures as a regular is definitely new (I feel as if I moved to Alaska).

Despite how awfully cold it is here (Tyler loves it), we are extremely excited for the spring and summer to arrive. Riverton is encircled by beautiful mountains and we're lucky to have the Wind River Mountains as a part of our landscaped surroundings. We talk of endless camping trips, drives through Yellowstone, and weekly adventures to all the small cowboy towns. There is a lot of rich history where we have moved and Tyler and I use every Monday, his day off, as our adventure day to explore and get to know Wyoming a little better. Currently, we are looking for some land to escape from the city lifestyle - more so for the privacy and views. Tyler is enjoying his job, but hopes to be running cows soon and back in the ranching business (I think that's what he was bred to do)! I must admit, I miss how quiet it was in Oklahoma. It's suddenly strange for me to hear my neighbors come home, hear all the cars start in the morning, and everyone's dog bark at the moon.

So, here's to a new state, a new home, a new baby, and a new year with new adventures!
(a bit of an overkill with the pictures)

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