Friday, February 15, 2013


I wonder sometimes if all mothers think and feel the same way about their children. I'm often blown away by the fact that I am now in charge of raising one of God's children. Truthfully, it feels a little overwhelming and scary sometimes, even though Aviana is still so young. But then again, when I'm feeling that maybe I'm not quite cut out for the job, I feel completely blessed to have the opportunity to be a mother.

Don't you love the soundless smiles and look forward to the day when it's filled with a tiny giggle?

What about the moments when you stare at their small, tiny body as they fall asleep each night?

Isn't is priceless to watch them cuddle up with their favorite blanket and only wish you could cuddle up with them? 

Don't you love observing them while they grow and figure out how their body works? Who knew such a small thing could be so entertaining!

How often to we get to be with such a perfect person?

It's worth the sacrifice - motherhood - and so easy to fall in love with somebody who loves you back completely. 

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