Sunday, September 8, 2013

Home in Hana, Maui

Hawaii has been home for officially one month. It has been quite a busy month and time has become non existent as we've adjusted to our new surroundings and our new life. Hana has welcomed us with warm and friendly people and we can't imagine living in a more beautiful place (although, Africa was pretty amazing). We often think about the adventures we've been on the past 2 1/2 years, the people we've met and cultures we've come to love. Our excitement to embrace more of the Hawaiian culture grows daily and we look forward to getting to know the islands during our time here in Hana, Maui and take time to visit with my side of the family and hopefully learn more about my ancestors.

Thankfully we have yet to run into any cockroaches and centipedes inside our home. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to avoid the man-o-war for very long when one got the best of me and made its way down my suit. Four days later I still have a burn mark along my side. What mean little creatures! The Hana Highway stays true to its name and I struggle every time we drive it. Driving the backside of the island is our way out of Hana now, free from nausea and throw-up. Although it has been a busy month, we have managed to get out and explore a little. Aviana is always elated to be outdoors, especially when we go to the beach. She definitely keeps us on our toes and loves the water, which I couldn't be more excited about. Hopefully soon, Tyler will be able to start managing the livestock, until then we all still anxiously wait for the final closing date. We've at least been able to enjoy the Hana Ranch and have fallen in love with the people we get to work alongside. We absolutely love Hana and the quiet, quaint beauty that is here in this small town. 

This is our beautifully, stunning view outside our living room windows. 

Taking a stroll on Oprah's private beach

Hamoa Bay is our favorite and offers some GREAT body boarding/surfing with a plus of being 5 minutes from home

Sunday walks consist of family selfies and watching sea turtles at Hana Bay

Can you imagine being a rancher in Hawaii? 

 Supporting the community at the Maui Mountain Ball Tournament held in Hana. It's not your typical baseball/softball game. 

This beauty graced us with her magnificent presence on our hike to the falls

Our adorable beach babe ready to plunge head first into the next wave

Soaking in the beauty of the Hokulea arriving in Hana Bay

The backside. Our road to town.

Family video of what we've been up to

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