Monday, September 16, 2013

Pehea Oukou

Aloha Kakahiaka! (good morning). I'm not sure when I'll get used to Hana being our home. We have definitely adjusted, but more than often I find myself feeling I'm on vacation. Reality always sets in, of course, and this past week being  the heat and humidity got the best of us and we fled the insides of our sticky home several times. Hana continues to blow us away with its stunning views and landscapes. 

Fagan's Cross couldn't have presented us with a more beautiful, landscape view of the ranch and cows grazing above the ocean. Absolutely stunning. 

The ocean was completely calm and Aviana enjoyed playing at sea with us. Our beach time doubled this week with relaxing naps, sand hills, and body surfing on occasional waves rolling in. 

Our darling little keiki can't get enough of the water and finds her new kiddy pool quite entertaining... and apparently relaxing. She forgets the sides of the pool can be a bit bouncy and finds herself flipping onto the grass. Hilarious. It looks perfected. 

Tyler was on and off the Ranch this week continuing to look over the land and get used to the terrain. The gardening crew was able to start up a 4 acre section. Very exciting! We hope to have all 300 acres here soon. We're still crossing our fingers for some kind of start on grass management and cows. Patience has definitely been put into practice these past few months. Ty loves the plethora of free range fruits he has to munch on while out riding. He raves about them often!

Hana High School had its first football game this past week as well. We really enjoyed cheering on the team with the entire town, literally, and watching how respectful the players were towards one another  (never saw such team camaraderie between opposing teams). Here in Hana, football is all fun. It's low key. It's about getting together and entertaining in a positive way, not about beating each other up and pounding chests. While at the same time, it's aggressive and hard. I liked it.

Hana No Ka Oi. Truthfully said. Hana Is The Best.

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  1. hahha buck naked, a kiddie pool, and the hawaiian ocean. she is the LUCKIEST baby out there. im still dyyying over her bare bum and her looking over the ocean. too stinkin cute!!