Monday, September 23, 2013

Staying Busy

We've decided to take on a few DIY projects for our home. With our coffee table complete we're venturing out and putting together more palette wood furniture. I'm really excited about it and love having a handyman around, especially since I'm terrified of using any type of saw. I leave the cutting up to him. We found a table saw, skil saw, mitre saw, and bags of high quality tools for an AMAZING deal, well under $200 for all of it, right here in Hana. We jumped in our truck as soon as we found the listing and picked up what we could put together. It was a great find and now we can build anything (as long as we don't move). So fun!

We spend our evenings working on different projects and chasing around Aviana, making sure she stays away from Ty while he cuts. Her swimming pool keeps her well occupied.... sometimes. 
Although we don't have much of a seasonal change here in Hawaii, there is a slight one. Which is nice. The temperatures have definitely dropped, especially at night and we love the brisk air. It rains around three to four times in the early afternoon and clears up the rest of the day. We've been able to witness some beautiful rainbows as well!! Tyler was able to take the shot below while he was at work. This rainbow happens to go across a part of the ranch that will be turned into the 300 acre garden. 

Our life continues to fly by all too quickly. Not long were we in awe of at our new role as parents, and now we have a little girl that is 10 months! And soon we'll have a one year-old? She is growing so quickly. Happy 10 months to Aviana. She's full of life and becomes more and more strong willed and independent as she grows. Adventure is her strong hold; always searching for new things to discover, especially outdoors. She has yet to brave letting go of things and take her firs step. Aviana has fallen in love with her Daddy and much prefers him over me. Sweatheart. 

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