Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Work and Play

Life in Hana is beginning to liven up a bit!! Not in the least bit am I suggesting it hasn't been a lively place to live. Believe it or not, a small town on an already remote island can be a happening place! We've been busy, involved, and are digging our feet in the sand a little more each day! Which is why living in Hana, for us, is becoming that much more fun, eventful, and lively!! 
(just praying for the ranch to close so it becomes a more permanent stay)

From chasing bulls on horseback to movies in the park, finding time for a little work and a little relaxation wasn't a problem for us this week. 
(Apology in advance for the pictures this week. I'm currently searching for my camera battery)

Movies in the park featured Iron Man 3. YES! We like. Aviana took complete advantage of her limitless freedom to crawl and explore, with her blanket covering her head part of the time! Hilarious. We brought the tarp, thank goodness, because in Hana you never know when it's going to rain. And it did, three times. But, stay we did! Fun night. 

Work and Fun mixed together usually ends up with successful results. Putting our heads together for our latest project wasn't at all difficult. We've obsessed over our surprisingly, unknown craftsmanship abilities. You wouldn't believe it, but this is ALL palette wood. FREE. This entryway table cost under $20. Later on it will feature the Hana Ranch brand on the front board. I love it and can't wait to dress it up with fun household decor. 

Apparently, Ty and I weren't paying too much attention in church a few Sundays back. We both jumped in the car and found our thoughts on the same wave length... the church needed some serious yard work done. After "talking story" with the couple missionaries, we picked a day. Hilarious to think we were both so excited to do yard work again!! The Tahiva and Diego Ohana showed up and together we were able to cut down trees - many trees - and some desperately needed fall clean up in the flower beds. We filled up eight trucks full!Very successful and very fun! 

Time for adventure!! We finally made it to the Lava Tube here in Hana. MUCH cooler than we expected it to be, but not sure it was worth the $20. Either way, we had fun exploring the underground lava tube. Being engulfed by complete blackness, seriously, wasn't so calming to me and I probably spent most my time turning and shining my flashlight behind us... boogie nannie anxiety! It's fascinating to learn how mother nature goes to work and the beauty she always leaves behind!!

I also forgot to mention a few weeks back our attempt to drive up to the Haleakala Crater. Once we stopped for this photo opportunity (hurray for being a tourist) we realized how foolish we were to think we could come here without a jacket or warm clothing! It was as if we stepped foot onto the high mountains in Utah in the winter! We turned around. Next time!!

 In preparation for a Catholic baby blessing we attended on Saturday in support of our friend, Travis, Tyler spent Friday afternoon preparing lau lau. He seems to be getting his hands on the culture here much quicker than I, but it's fun to see him learn how to make the authentic food. Lau lau is by far one of our favorite dishes and later that night at the Luau we couldn't help but take home a plate with some extra lau lau on it! Delicious. As always, we enjoy attending different denominational services. It was a good experience and I love getting to know Tyler's buddies from the ranch and their families a little better. 

Off to the beach! We wanted to jump in, but happened to come upon a surf competition at Koki Beach. Instead, we enjoyed watching Aviana splash along the shoreline. It is always fun to see Aviana come to life in the sand and the sun! It was a beautiful day and a GREAT weekend. 

Much Aloha and Happy October,

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  1. The babes is just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Ship her back. Just send her in a basket like Moses and Mikes will get her and then ship her my way. Looks like lots of fun. I'm super jealous Tyler gets to learn how to make all the good food.