Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Waiting and Living

Amazing how much can happen in such a short span of time. Since I last wrote we've enjoyed; candies and games on Halloween night, planting our pallet garden, soaring across the sky over Maui and the Big Island, enjoying a week in Kona with all the hawaiian paniolo's, celebrating Aviana's first birthday with many friends, banners, cake, and a plethora of gifts, casually enjoyed our 3rd year anniversary, and welcomed in Thanksgiving with endless amounts of food till our stomachs ached. Now we anxiously wait to celebrate the birth of our savior and ring in the new year. We haven't had much time to dwell on the ranch closing. God has been good to keep our minds busy and we've learned quickly to enjoy living in the now; to soak up every moment we have to enjoy Hana together before work truly kicks in. I've taken the liberty of labeling this "moment" of our life as our mid-life retirement. Doesn't it sound nice? We can't wait to see Hana Ranch turn over and be apart of something new and exciting in Hana town.

Halloween trunk or treat was a success!!!

Adventures in Kona...

With Elder and Sister Curran at Hana Christmas Festival! We love these two and are so thankful to them! They've taken good care of us while we've been here. Thanksgiving morning reminded me of home! Volleyball, soccer, basketball, lots of food, and Ty even had his whip out.

Tyler is the new Boy Scout Head Master and took the boys out on their first camping trip (literally 6 miles down the road from our home). What a blast they all had! Setting up camp right next to the ocean, under perfectly sized banyan trees and on ancient battle grounds. Attempts were made to start a fire without matches with no outcome, no thanks to humidity. The boys managed to scare one another out of their socks talking stories of the boogie nanny and haunting warriors. Thankfully they were all in their tents the next morning :)

At 1 years old Aviana is walking, talking, dancing, and singing... delightfully. The outdoors are her wonderland.

There isn't a better place to be during the holidays that can make us relax more and simply enjoy living in the now and soak up the laughter, stories, and adventures.

Aloha, Leilani

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  1. Breathtaking! What a beautiful world you live in! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos... that waterfall is crazy! :) And Aviana is growing so quickly. She is a doll.