Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year! Or better yet, in Hana style, Happy 'Old' Year! Belated... three weeks belated. And so it goes... We were spoiled for Christmas and had only one survivor for New Years celebrations (a.k.a. Mom) running around outside in her pajamas to capture the panorama view of Hana fireworks, in the rain. She felt young again.

Mid-life retirement has come to a close, thankfully. With Hana Ranch finally purchased our cowboy Daddy/husband has resumed work and is conquering his first two weeks as Livestock Manager at Hana Ranch. It's as if he never skipped a beat! Marlie, our first child, flew across the Pacific Ocean (we didn't know she could fly), and has been hired at Hana Ranch as a cowhand. She enjoys biting cows, has mental problems about frisbees, and is no longer worried about Skud (Tutu and Papa's dog) stealing her food. The ocean, surprisingly, has a way of dominating her fearless attitude and we wonder why she runs away from the oncoming waves... she's not quite sure what to do with water that pummels her. We are so so glad our four legged daughter/dog has finally joined us. Aviana loves marlie, marlie, marlie (She can't manage to say Marlie without squinting her eyes and saying it three times). 

Marlie, Marlie, Marlie

I'm thankful for oranges and our wonderful orange tree

Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Mitch, and Uncle Park Westhoff have been with us for a month... who vacations for a month, in Hawaii. They do. Suuure are lucky! We've LOVED having them. Ty and I were finally able to put on those goofy snorkle goggles and plunge our faces into the ocean to explore the world below. It's a BIG world! I wonder what fishes think when they look up at our large eyeballs eyeing them down, no wonder they swim away so quickly. We've enjoyed lots of good adventures with family these past few weeks.

 7 Sacred Pools. This water reminded us of the freezing Utah rivers, but so refreshing!
 Spent the day a Kapalua Bay snorkeling until our lips wrinkled with salt

More fruit for the picking.. Passion Fruit

Sometimes I wish I was a baby....

Aloha, Leilani

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