Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Man

Doesn't this look neat? I think it's fascinating when my hubby puts his team together. This is what he's been up to today - mowing hay the old fashioned way! How fun is that! (it really is fun). And quite simple to learn. Until, of course, these big Belgian Draft Horses decide to take off on you. Then what. Life on the farm. Simply simple.



  1. I used to think Tyler was such a big guy, but he's got nothin on those horses!!!!

  2. Great photo!! I love the dust and the angle. We thing you guys are awesome. :)

  3. UMMM I love this! And I want nothing more than to live on a farm.... Being in the "country" or further from the city has been amazing so far. Love the horses, the mountains, the garden, the chickens... and all the stars. Miss you girly!